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"Unwanted feelings" - Narry one shot

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So basically i’m quite happy with this one shot. I’m sorry i didn’t put the fact about Niall’s ticklish belly :( but it just didn’t fit in this one shot. It’s rather sad. I put some smut parts, so if you don’t like “gay porn” then don’t read it. So enjoy! xx

You know that feeling when you love someone so much you almost hate them? You do everything to show them that you’re not interested in them, that you don’t want to look them in the eyes, to kiss their’s lips, you say mean words to them just because you scared they will see how much you willing to feel their touch on your skin.

That’s what Harry was doing, he was hiding something, something called love, the feeling when your legs get weak when you see the person you love flirting with someone else. So every time the blonde boy was alone he would just pin him to the wall kissing harshly his lips until they’re swollen, biting his neck and making him moan in pleasure in pain. Harry exactly knew where were Niall’s sweet spots and he took every opportunity to use his capabilities against the smaller boy.

“Hello Horan, wanna be my slut today?” Harry chuckled in mocking tone and punched Niall’s arm so hard that the other boy dropped all of the books he was holding.

“Fuck off” Niall hissed through the teeth and kneeled down to pick his course books. Because there was no one on the school hall Harry pinned the blonde boy to the locker with his leg. Niall whimpered as his back hit the tinware. The curly boy leaned over Niall and gently kissed his earlobe.

“Don’t say things like that, it’s rude and it looks like I’m the one bad here” he whispered and walked away leaving the blonde boy on the floor.

“Bastard” Niall mumbled under his breath while gathering his books. He put them into his locker and closed it with a loud noise then he heard school bell ringing and the halls started filling up with students and teacher.  He was so tired of everything, he haven’t done anything wrong to be treat like that. It was starting becoming day routine for Niall. Every day he would be just standing in an empty hall, classroom or boy’s bathroom and Harry would kiss him over his neck, cheeks, bite on his ears and lips.  The one thing he wasn’t sure about was why he let the curly boy do all the things.  He didn’t disobey the taller boy even once.

Maybe it was the fact that he was in love with him, Niall didn’t protest because it was the only way to get closer to Harry. Of course he felt like shit, all the mean words hurt him like hell but he every time he would hold back his tears only to feel the touch of soft Harry’s lips on his own.

Later this day it turned out that Harry was being assigned to him as a project mate. He was happy and angry at the same time. Happy because it meant that he can spend some time with the curly boy but angry because he knew how it’s going to look like. He was sure that Harry won’t help him, he could be possibly just sitting on his bed doing nothing or bullying him as he always did.


“You’re such an idiot!” Niall yelled at Harry as the boy took his notes and threw them out of the window “You’re doing exactly NOTHING! And now we don’t have anything to show our teacher just because you felt like fucking throwing MY work out of the window. Were you even thinking?! It’s not funny! I hate you!” he screamed while tearing up. He put his face into his hands and sobbed.

Suddenly Harry got that weird feeling, like something was clenching in his stomach, like the view of crying Niall made him sad because he knew it was his fault. He got up off the bed and walk over the sobbing boy. He didn’t know why but he took him on his hands and lie down on the bed.

“W-what are you d-doing?” Niall chocked out in confusion but he had no time to think as Harry crashed their lips together. The curly boy ran his hand through Niall’s blonde hair then he stroked his cheek with his thumb never breaking the kiss. 

Niall slowly took off Harry’s t-shirt over his head and peck him on the lips again, not wanting to lose the time the taller boy did the same and started to taking off Niall’s pants.

They finally looked at each other when they were almost naked. Harry kissed the blonde boy’s torso gently and moved his lips down. He slid down Niall’s boxers and touch the tip of the boy’s shaft with his wet tongue.  Niall shivered a little at the feeling, he couldn’t understand what was happening, like the world didn’t exist, he didn’t think about it, he wasn’t able to gather his thoughts.

Suddenly Harry took him on his lap and place one hand on Niall’s ass. He stroked his bum cheeks, then squeezed them tightly making the blonde boy moan.  Without warning he insert one finger into Niall’s ass, the boy yelled in surprise and pain at the same time. This wasn’t a nice feeling, rather uncomfortable and painful  but he remained quiet. He wasn’t sure if he want this, if he want to share with Harry this moment, this feeling. Suddenly he wasn’t even sure if this is real or it’s just a dream. 

“H-Harry.. stop” he whimpered as the action started to be unpleasant because he muscles tightened at the intrusion “Harry please stop, it hurts” Niall almost begged while pressing his head onto the curly boy’s shoulder. But the boy disobeyed and started to pulling his finger in and out. Niall couldn’t take this anymore,  he didn’t want this, he didn’t want his first time to look like this, he didn’t want to be fucked by someone so senseless, someone who was so harsh and mean to him every day.

“HARRY STOP IT FUCKING HURTS!” he yelled with anger and pushed the curly boy away as he managed to take away Harry’s hand. He quickly got up off the bed and started picking up his clothes. He pulled over his boxers, pants and his creased t-shirt and stormed out of the room leaving Harry with blank expression on his face. The tears started to streaming down on his face, he ran through the familiar streets, passing by stores and people he didn’t know.  He felt so broke down, he had this hope for a second in Harry’s room, he hoped that maybe the curly boy with green orbs loves him. He wanted to believe in every single touch and kiss, he wanted so bad this to be perfect and filled with emotions but everything now was empty.

Harry just simply took an advantage on him, he used him for his own pleasure.

It was almost dark when Niall walked into his house. He managed to avoid his mother and ran upstairs straight to his room, he looked in the mirror only to saw his red cheeks and puffy eyes.  He rubbed face and splashed it with cold water then he returned to his room and sat on the bed. 

The blonde boy winced as he felt the slight pain after their “almost” sex.  He regretted it so much because this thing meant to him much more than his class mate. For the first time he felt like Harry wanted it too, like he wanted HIM in the same way but everything cracked down with no such happy ending. He lie down on the bed and sighed loudly. After 2 hours he was still laying. He was sure he won’t get any sleep and he didn’t know what to do tomorrow, he wasn’t feeling like going school to see him again, he wanted to lock himself in his room and never walk out of it. 

The sleep didn’t come, neither the relief so he let the tears fall again.

Somehow everything I own smells of you and for the tiniest moment it’s all not true

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